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Exams & Cleanings

At our office we treat both adults and children. It is important for everyone, no matter their age, to have an exam and cleaning completed at least twice a year. In the exam, the dentist will check each tooth surface for signs of decay both visually and radiographically by examining the x-rays. The dentist will also address any concerns the individual has and complete a visual cancer screening test. At this point it will also be determined what type of cleaning the individual is going to need. There are two types of cleanings, a basic cleaning and a deep cleaning.

 A basic dental cleaning or prophylaxis occurs when an individual has minimal bacterial build up, little to no bone loss, and is generally regular with their dental cleanings. During a basic cleaning, bacteria are removed above and below the gums to help keep the gum tissue and bone healthy. If left for too long, the bacteria can start eating away at the bone, causing periodontal disease.

A deep cleaning or scaling and root planing is needed when a person has periodontal disease. Usually a person’s gums are inflamed, bleed, and are sensitive to the touch. Bone loss and bacteria build up visible on the x-rays are both generally present as well. A deep cleaning is completed to help prevent tooth loss and maintain a person’s overall health.



Fluoride is a mineral found naturally in our bones and teeth. In our office we place a fluoride vitamin, usually in the form of a varnish or gel, on teeth after a cleaning has been completed per each individual’s request. Fluoride is recommended for both children and adults. Enamel is weakened throughout daily life by what we eat and drink, and fluoride helps re-strengthen our enamel.

A sealant is a protective coating placed in the deep grooves of the chewing surface of a permanent tooth. A sealant helps prevent decay from forming in areas where tooth brush bristles have a hard time reaching. Once a tooth has decay on it, sealants will no longer help, a filling is needed at this point.

Pediatric Dentistry

Sport Mouth Guards

We know the dental office is no one’s favorite place to be. We work hard at our office to make your little one’s dental experience happy and exciting, so they look forward to seeing us again. If fillings are needed, we offer laughing gas to help relax anxiety away.

Have an active teenager in your life? We take impressions for sport mouth guards, and then send the impressions off to a lab. The lab makes the mouthguard to fit your son or daughter mouth, protecting their smile while they focus on their game.

Urgent Care

If you have tooth pain that is preventing you from eating foods you enjoy, or causing you to lose sleep at night, we are here for you. Our office offers toothache appointments focusing specifically on the problem area.


 If a tooth is chipped, worn, or decayed a filling can be placed. In our office we use a composite (tooth colored) filling material to fix the tooth. The decay or worn area is removed and replaced with a filling material matched to your personal tooth color.


We offer a wide range of extractions from baby teeth to most wisdom teeth. If you are wanting your wisdom teeth removed, an exam is needed to determine the type of extraction, and if it can be completed at our office. Our doctors are able to remove most wisdom teeth, however if we are unable to remove them, we will provide you with the name and number of an oral surgeon who can remove them for you.


A crown or cap is needed when a larger portion of the tooth has broken off, or decay has re-formed beneath an old, large filling. The tooth is reduced in size to remove the decay or smooth out the broken portion, and then a cap is made to protect the remaining tooth structure. Crowns are made to match your tooth color. A temporary crown is placed at first while a lab makes the final crown. The final crown is placed about two weeks later.


A veneer is a thin porcelain covering which is placed over the front of your tooth. A thin amount of tooth structure is removed in order to fit the porcelain over the tooth. Veneers are generally placed over front teeth to give you that picture perfect smile.

Root Canals

A root canal is needed when the nerve of a tooth becomes decayed or infected. The tooth will start causing severe pain. To alleviate that pain a root canal is performed in order to save the tooth. During a root canal, the nerve of the tooth and all bacteria are removed. The resulting space is filled with a medicated sealer. A crown is then placed over the tooth to protect the remaining tooth structure and allow continued use.


A bridge is one of several options used to replace a missing tooth. A bridge is a non-removable option in which the tooth in front and behind the missing tooth are used as anchors. These teeth are crowned, and a fake tooth is situated between the two crowned teeth. The bridge is then cemented into place restoring chewing ability and aesthetics.


Implants are another great way to replace missing teeth. Our office offers a wide range of implants from single unit implants to implant retained bridges, partial dentures or full dentures. An implant is a metal post that is placed into the bone and acts as an artificial root of a tooth. Our doctor (or oral surgeon if needed) places the implants, and then after a healing period attaches a crown, bridge, partial or full denture. The partial and full dentures are made at a denture clinic and used until the healing period is complete, they are then attached to implants creating a more stable and firmer fit.

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